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It’s Time to Open Our World

For over 40 years, Athabasca University has proven that it is no ordinary university. As a pioneer in flexible, accessible post-secondary distance education, we’ve reached out to hundreds of thousands of people who might not be able to attend traditional university, and we’ve inspired their success both in learning and in life.

While we’ve long been a leader in opening doors to learning around the world, the world is changing more quickly than it ever has. For education to keep up with that change, to stay relevant and meet the ever-increasing needs of students, it must be nimble and responsive. It must look to the future, and this is why our first university-wide campaign, Open Our World, is focused on the future of learning — just as we are.

As we focus on this future, the campaign will help us gather the resources we need not only to continue leading the charge in opening doors to learning, but to accelerate that leadership so that all people can experience the transformative power of education no matter what barriers to learning may stand in their way.

We invite you to join us. Together, we will Open Our World — a world of unprecedented learning opportunities for the people, communities and industries we serve.